STUDY ALERT: Creativity and personality: Nuances of domain and mood

by Scott Barry Kaufman, May 16, 2017 in Blog

Creativity and personality: Nuances of domain and mood

Christa L. Taylor, Alexander S. McKay, and James C. Kaufman

The nature of the relationship between creativity and personality is one of the core issues at the heart of creativity research. It is a rare topic that can both inspire a kneejerk, obvious response (such as “Openness to experience is related to creativity,” a near-universal finding) (see J.C. Kaufman 2016) yet also present intricacies and debates such that the topic warrants a full handbook. A scan of the table of contents of this book gives a hint of the scope of this issue. In this chapter we tackle two related areas that play into the larger creativity-personality connection: creativity domain and mood.

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